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Stop Letting Yourself Get in the Way: Setting Goals for Change & Improvement.

Updated: Mar 17, 2021

I have been putting off living my life for years. I have let my insecurities and what others think of me get in the way. I want to push myself to do the things I have always put off because I told myself:

  • “You aren’t good enough”

  • “ I don’t have time”

  • “You aren’t ready”

I don’t want my life to pass by, while I continue to allow my anxiety and depression stop me from doing the things I want to do.

I have decided starting now, I will no longer hide my work behind the fears of not being good enough, starting with this blog post. I want to hold myself accountable, stop writing to-do lists and goals that I never dedicate time to because they aren’t worth it.

Goals for the next month:

  • Post 3 blog posts a week

  • Set up my shop: adevenneyart

  • Create product listings for the 8 stickers I have ordered & at least 1 greeting card

  • Continue to create and post art on instagram 6 times a week

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