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Getting so much more out of mealtime

Hello friends! I have decided to go on new business venture to learn about health and making more of of mealtime with Pampered Chef!

I was diagnosed with an eating disorder, basically I was starving myself because food was too stressful, I was always worried I was getting it wrong and I wasn't worth the time and effort so I avoided meals, I made excuses like the pain of hunger was what I deserved.

I have always struggled with my weight and feeling like people weren't always talking about me behind my back, but with help from friends and family and a therapist and nutritionist I have decided to take my life and my self-worth into my own hands! I wanted a way to learn food and how to make it fun while also spread awareness and help teach others like me. & Pampered chef was what I was looking for! Growing up I had pampered chef items in my house, and so did my grandparents and friends so not only did I know there products worked and helped people in their kitchens, they also offered an amazing opportunity to earn an income when learning to cook! Income wasn't what I was looking for, but I knew I could use the income to help my parents who's business is struggling due to the global pandemic.

So I joined, I spent $90 out of pocket and purchased a consultant kit, I received so many kitchen gadgets and tools and a box filled with catalogues, recipes, seasonings to try and more, but more importantly I had a goal and a team of people ready to help and support me every step of the way.

I've be a Pampered Chef consultant now for 13 days and I have already tried 9 new recipes and learned new ways to make old recipes so much more simpler, I went grocery shopping with a purpose and was able to use all the ingredients in a way that I was certain I was going to ensure and not have it go to waste! I am having so much fun learning and teaching and interacting with others! In my first 2 weeks I booked 6 parties, 1 ran and was very unsuccessful & the 2nd and 3rd have already qualified and more! I am so excited and happy for this opportunity and look forward to everything that comes out of it!

If you are interested in having a party with me, get in touch or check out my Pampered Chef site: ! Let's talk ! or if you simply are interested in following my journey, you can subscribe to my blog or like my business page HERE :

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